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Experienced Electrician in Escondido

If you are looking for reliable electricians in the California area then contact Far West Electric. We are trustworthy as we have built our reputation on hard work and dedication. We do everything from electrical inspections to re-wiring homes and businesses.

Our Escondido Electrician will take every precaution necessary to ensure that your home or business is left in the same, if not better, shape than it was before we arrived. We do this for all of our customers because we believe in going the extra distance to give them what they pay for.

Professional Electrical Services

Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs Escondido Electrician

Our professional electrical repairs include short circuit and panel repair, outlet testing and replacement, and any other general electrical issues you may be experiencing. Trust in a company that will never short change your repairs, because we have your safety and best interest at heart. […]

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New Panel Installs

Maintenance and Repairs Escondido Electrician

Adding on or upgrading in either case your electrical panel is the center of your home. We can make sure your electrical panel is equipped to handle all of your homes electrical needs efficiently and with out worry.


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Interior Lighting

Recessed Lighting Escondido Electrician

No matter what type of lighting you are looking for, you can always count on the installation services from Escondido. Our technicians will carefully plan out what’s best for lighting design and implement the new feature into your home. […]

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Solar Panels

Solar Panels Escondido Electrician

Solar panels can be installed in your home or business. Solar panels are a great way to utilize natural lighting and become less dependent on furnace heat as the sun’s UV rays heat the home and naturally light it. […]

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New Construction Electrical

New Construction Escondido Electrician

New construction or Remodeling? We offer our electrical expertise for new construction and remodeling as well. Get it wired right the first time! […]

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Why Hire Far West Electric?

There are lots of reasons to call Far West Electric for electrical services. We take care of your home or business and make sure that it is left safe, if not safer, than before we came. Our electricians are qualified and certified to work on residential and commercial electrical systems.
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If you are looking for an Escondido Electrician then please call 760-533-6307 or complete our online request form.

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